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Special Types of Custom Lanyards

Special Types of Custom Lanyards

If you are a person who chooses over-the-top instead of the ordinary, these types of lanyards which have special features are your best choices. They are as durable as the common types of lanyards such as Polyester, Nylon, Woven, and Tubular but they are either more fancy or unique.

Environmentally Friendly Lanyards

lanyard There are lanyards which are made out of recycled soft drink bottles. They are definitely best for people who want to protect the environment.

The PET plastics are crumbled and reprocessed to become fibers which are woven into the material used in making these eco-friendly lanyards.

Aside from PET lanyards, there are also custom lanyards made from Bamboo fiber, Polyester containing virgin fiber and other recycled materials, PVC, and sustainable fiber options or renewable resources. These lanyards are unique and still fashionable.

Beaded Lanyards

Beaded lanyards are made of different kinds of beads such as glass beads, pearls, seeds, and crystals. People can definitely use these lanyards as accessories or as part of their jewelry.

These lanyards are way different from the flat imprinted lanyards made of polyester materials. They can be categorized with rings, bracelets, and necklaces made of beads.

The cost of Beaded lanyards depends upon the materials used. Crystals cost more expensive than other kinds of beads but are definitely more elegant and sheen. Beaded lanyards are popular to women especially teachers, office staffs, nurses, and university students.

These lanyards are considered as the trendiest custom lanyards nowadays.

Rhinestone Lanyards

Also called as Bling lanyards, Rhinestone lanyards can bring out your girly personality. They can also provide a statement using hanging logo placed between the lanyard and the attachment. The logo reel is of different shape such as diamond, circle, and square and it is made of aluminum metal.

For your logo, you can incorporate any color and design of your liking. The colors available for the rhinestones are pink, yellow, blue, green, red, light blue, silver, black, purple, lime, orange, teal, or mix colors. These rhinestones will cover the entire surface of the lanyards.

Bling lanyards are great for promoting a new business or product. They are stunning and definitely a stand out.

Glitter Lanyards

Another glimmering custom lanyards, Glitter lanyards will test your color combination skills. There is a wide variety of color choices for the lanyards’ rim, the glitter surrounding the rest of the lanyards’ surface, and the logo or design.

You will also need to pick an attachment. Your choices are metal j hook, plastic hook, bulldog clip, cell phone hoop, split ring, and heavy-duty hook. You may also add a safety breakaway and a buckle release to complete your very own customized lanyard.

Reflective Printed Lanyards

These lanyards are not only about appearance, they also have an extra function. A 5/8 inch reflective band is attached a ¾ inch polyester material to give the lanyard a safety feature at night time. Reflective bands only come in color silver.

You can choose the color of the polyester materials and the texts and logos to be imprinted on the reflective band. Both materials are of excellent quality.

Deluxe Rope Lanyards


These lanyards feature a diamond shaped full color logo slider. Deluxe Rope Lanyards are best in marketing your company or product logo. A shiny epoxy dome is also applied to the slider to give your logo a gleaming effect. You can adjust the slider to your preferred position by sliding it up or down the rope lanyards.

These lanyards come with safety breakaway and detachable ring. For the rope, you can choose black, red, royal blue, navy, green, white, purple, orange, and yellow.

Custom lanyards are definitely not only used in holding ID cards, badges, keys, gadgets, and whistles; they can also be used as fashion accessories, promotional products, and gifts for someone special.